With the advent of technology and the more advancement of it, people have become more dependent on them.  Now life seems impossible without them. This has its negative side too, now this planet earth is suffering from the energy crisis issue. Excess consumption of fossil fuels for generations, and total dependence on the nonrenewable resources have generated the issue of energy crisis. Scientists and researchers are coming with newer ideas of saving energy conserving resources. One such source of generator of energy is nikola tesla free energy generator. It produces power without using any fuel and hence save natural resources.

Limited nonrenewable resources

Nowadays all are aware of this energy crisis issue. It is well know that within few years the natural reserves will be going to end. Excessive and limitless uses of non renewable resources have resulted this condition. With passing time, the number of population has increased with leaps and bound, and their need for luxury too. But the non renewable resources have remained constant.  Solutions have been thought for in the name of solar and hydel power. But the cost involved in this is quite high, not all can afford that. And here comes the importance of the nikola tesla free energy generator.

A great alternative offered

With the introduction of the concept of the nikola tesla free energy generator, an alternative was offered in the field of power generator.  It was believed to be discovered by a few scientists, for the benefit of people.  This particular nikola tesla free energy generator takes aids of the polar energy that prevails between the universe and the planet earth. It based itself on cosmic energy, and cosmic energy is quite abundant.

You can try it for yourself

The generator can be manufactured with some simple needs and free energy can be radiated. It has been proven that the energy that the nikola tesla free energy generator will produce will be sufficient enough to provide the electricity need of   a household. The plan for making this apparatus is out there in the internet these days. There are also various books available regarding this. And the tools that are required for the proper built up of this device are easily available in any of the hardware stores.  However there are many stories  and controversies regarding the ability of this device. However you can use it for yourself to know the real thing. Search reputed websites to know about nikola tesla free energy generator. Click Here!

12th July 2015

Free energy machine  

The word free energy machine at present is a hot word on internet. Even though there are some machines used to make free energy, none of them are proved to be 100% perfect. Solar products to a great extent give the people with free energy. But the products have to be charged in day time to store the energy to make it work in night. The cost of solar panels to enjoy greater amount of solar energy is not affordable for all. Here everyone thinks about a machine that can give free energy throughout 24 hours.

Think about Tesla

In a scenario like this, it is certainly a good idea to think about the concept of Tesla in making free energy. It is said that Tesla Coil or Tesla machine can be made easily at affordable cost. The products are easily available in the market and you can assemble the coil. What you need is a base, transformer, spark gap, capacitor array, primary coil, secondary coil, toroid and some other accessories. Never forget to go through the instructions carefully to avoid dangers.

Free energy machine from the concept of Tesla uses the ions and neutrons released by cosmic rays. Hence this machine works day and night to assure instant energy. It is said that more than 2, 00, 00 people from 160 countries are enjoying the benefits free energy machine build on the concept of Nikola Tesla.


There are several benefits of using portable free energy machine. Some among them are follows.

Cut electrical cost: – This is one of the important advantages of this machine. At present you have to set apart a reasonable portion of income to pay electricity bills. It is impossible to even think about the life without electrical appliances. Right from the mixer in kitchen to LED television in the hall and everything in between have becomes the must to have electrical appliance in every home to add plus to the use of electrical energy. On the other hand the energy machine provides sufficient free energy to use these products in your home. This helps you to cut down good amount in electric cost.

Best alternative

It is always a good idea to make use of a best alternative to electrical energy. Free energy machine made on the concept of Nikola Tesla is one of the best alternatives to use against electrical energy to get free energy.

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Everyone at present think about alternative energy sources. These sources help to make renewable and free energy. Some of the important forms include wind energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, solar energy, and hydroelectric energy. There are several benefits for alternative energy source. Some among them include the following.

Reduce electric cost

This is for what most of the people think about alternatives for electric energy. Present home being filled with almost all type electric and electronic products certainly needs good amount of energy. And it is not a surprise that electric bill bring you a good amount in the total column gifted with headache. With alternative sources you can bring reasonable reductions in the electric bill.

Safe atmosphere

This is for what governments and environment loving associations round the world promote the use of alternative energy sources.  Everyday large amount of carbon dioxide is released to earth that increases the warmth of the planet and is the main cause for what called ‘Global Warming Effect’. This is the reason why government promotes the use of alternative sources that not emit carbon dioxide.

New Concept

Everyone is familiar with the alternative sources like wind, solar, biomass and more. At present there is new concept in alternative energy sources.  Actually the concept was hidden for long years, but at present it is in discussions and is Tesla free energy concept. It is the concept formulated by Nikolas Tesla hundreds of years ago.

This at present gain much importance as perfect alternative energy sources by making energy from atmosphere through cosmic rays. Yes it is said that cosmic rays ionize the air with the discharge of several ions and electrons. That simply means earth is surrounded by immense pool of energy and you can use it for free with a energy generating machine made on the concept of Tesla.

Benefit of Tesla alternative energy 

There are several benefits to alternative energy made with Tesla’s concept. The important benefit is that since cosmic rays showers without any break, energy is generated for 24 hours. This renewable and safe energy does not make pollution. It is really affordable to make energy machine and is portable. You can make energy enough to power a modern home.

All these features made the people to think Tesla free energy as one of the important alternative energy sources.

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The name of Nikola Tesla will be remembered for ever for his concept of free energy and invention of Tesla coil in 1981. But several people have wondered what happened to this concept of free energy for past several years. This concept had gone under cover for several years without any intentions or intimations.

Back to stage

The concept came back to the stage after hundreds of years and big thanks goes to small group of independent engineers and developers. They released Tesla free energy generator plans for the public to make fuel-less electricity generator. The plan was redesigned by the inventor named James Robitaille based on the patent of Nikola Tesla and called it Quantum Energy Generator(QEG). This made waves and everyone including scientists to common people started to discuss about the effectiveness of Tesla free energy generator plans.

Unique feature

The most amazing feature of this plan is that it gives free energy. But it is not just for a bulb or mobile charger. This free energy generator has the ability to provide electricity to power a modern home. This is a portable device with the weight and size of home gas generator.

Satisfied users

Benefits of Tesla free energy generator plans are already enjoyed by countless people. It is said that 2, 30,000 plus people from 160 countries are already enjoying the benefits of this plan. It simply means that they have made themselves free from the cost of electricity.

An effective alternative

Tesla free energy generator plans showed the path to an effective alternative for electrical energy. When it is possible to power the home without spending a single dollar for electricity, there is nothing wrong in thinking about executing it. Who will ask for the cost of energy that you make and use from atmosphere?

Easy to work out

It is so easy to work out Tesla free energy generator plans. The generator works in day and night and it is free from any of the noises making it great asset to home especially when you have neighbors loving quite atmosphere. Also, it doesn’t pollute the atmosphere.  You can easily assemble the components and parts and make the antenna to make your machine. Now create the safe, free and renewable energy for your home.

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4th July 2015

Urban green energy

The attention has suddenly shifted towards energy saving, people are more conscious than ever before regarding this. With concept like urban green energy, people are getting more aware regarding their energy use and consumption. Many business houses are shifting their sources of energy utilization. The dominant source is now challenged these days, with many new concepts that are making news in the market.

Importance of renewable energy

The timber, biomass and solar energy belong to the category of renewable resources. They provide you an infinite supply of power and energy. More and more people are shifting towards using electricity generated from this kind of energy. With urban green energy and other such endeavor, this process of generating power through the utilization of renewable resources is encouraged.

Apply it for commercial purposes

The electricity generated from the renewable resources can be utilizes for commercial purposes. Though the installation cost of the devices through which electricity will be generated is quite high. But one can make the investment thinking of the overall benefit that it will cause. However there are some companies which are ready to give you the power sources generated form solar and wind energy in much low cost. In this way your business will flourish too. As it is well known, that energy saving can be the first step to establish a good running business. The urban green energy solution is here to offer you help with the alternative source of energy. Endeavor as this, has attain many success in recent years. Their success rate has been very in successfully installing street lights. This system of lighting does not require the help of grid connection.

Built a better future

Using renewable energy sources, to generate energy has multifarious benefits. The concept of global warming and the environmental hazards related to it are well known by all. Shifting your concentration more towards renewable sources of energy will create a better future for the next generation. Many organization and projects support this kind of utilization of renewable energy sources. The concept of urban green energy has become a worldwide phenomenon these days. They have attained success in international level. With time, constant effort is given on empowering the devices generating this alternative source of power. Monitoring machines and devices are coming out to quantify as clearly as possible the performance of this new source of power.

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2nd July 2015

Zero point energy

The issue of energy formation and consumption is something which bothers all, specially these days when the warning bell about the slow depletion of resources have rung loud. However men have always combat all form of danger and have progressed. With the help of science men have discovered the mysteries of universe and have come with newer concepts. Every new discover has challenged and altered the previous one. For instance this concept of zero point energy steer clear the earlier assumption about vacuum. Earlier by vacuum people knew something which is devoid of any substance and matter. Now it is believed to be not so.

Energy exists throughout space

The existence of energy is not restricted anywhere but it has its prevalence throughout the universe. Way back in the year 1891, Telsa had stated that after certain number of years, men with their skill and intelligence will be able to transfer the energy into producing power. He had predicted that in future the machines will be run by energy that is available in any place in the universe. He was hinting towards the zero point energy. The core concept of this energy is that it occupies the lowest form and this energy remains in the constant state, when all other form of energy is absent.

Theory has been proved in practice

The proof of this concept of zero point energy can be arrived from the existence of helium in a liquid state. Helium remains in that state throughout and no changes in atmospheric temperature can have an effect on that. Physically it can also be proved too, when one goes around the curve, his existence of zero point energy can be proved. Hendrik Casimir with his Casimir Effect have affirmed the existence of this form of energy. The greatest benefit that it will cause, is that the generator which will run on this energy will consume no fuel.

Can act as solution to the greatest worries

If the concept of zero point energy can be put into use, then many worries regarding power generation and consumption will be solved. If applied in reality a whole new change can come in the field of power generation. The way power is produced and consumed will go through a sea change. And the problem of global warming and other environmental hazards can be solved in no time. This zero point energy when put in application will guarantee prospects of infinite energy would help to democratize technology more. So to know more about zero point energy search website Click Here!

Solenoid magnetic field finds several forms of application on our daily lives upon the electronic devices that we use and also in automobiles. This works on the fundamentals of electromagnetism and produces a temporary magnet of robust strength. However, it is to be understood that it is not exactly the electromagnets.

Solenoid magnetic field & the electromagnets are technically not identical, tough; it is a common tendency among people to assume so. The Solenoid is simply coiled wire but if electric current are made to flow through the coiled wire, an electromagnet gets created. This happens to be the most helpful application of the coiled wire, though it is not at all some unusual that when says “solenoid” the majority of the people exhibits a tendency to assume that you mean to say electromagnet. The electromagnet is really a useful application as compared to the regular magnets as you can switch on & put off the magnetic effects as per your needs. Alternatively, the solenoid magnetic field can even be enhanced upon its strength simply by stepping up the current that flows through the coiled wire.

The fundamentals of solenoid magnets

In instances that a lazy-charge is seated on the couch without doing anything, it is actually encircled by electric field. It makes sense as it is after all an electrical charge. Once the charge getting some motivations starts running round the block, all of a sudden a magnetic field gets produced. Tough it might come as a striking matter; it is a generic surprising fact to the majority of people. As the physicists were able to find out much later, the solenoid magnetic field as well as the electromagnetic field happens to be the similar nature of force which is electromagnetism.

The application of solenoid magnets in day to day life

The solenoid magnetic field allows us to get a magnet instantly simply running the electricity through coiled wires. Once the electric current passes through the solenoid the magnet that gets created is exceptionally strong in its strength. The solenoid magnetic field finds several forms of application in our daily lives.  The solenoids are used in electronic devices like the speakers, the microphones and the inductors. Asides, even in automobiles, the solenoid magnetic field are very commonly used. Thus, it can be said that either knowingly or unknowingly, we had been using the solenoids very often or thus it can be said that this form of electromagnetic applications had smoothen our lives manifold. If you are looking to know more information then you should visit Click Here!

With passing days people areetti gng more aware about the energy sources and its utilization. Excessive dependence on fossil fuels in generating power for consumption has cause depletion of natural resources. And now many measures are taken to save whatever nonrenewable resources are left for the future. After much measures and protection also, the lion share of electrical consumption still comes from thermal energy. However with introduction of concept like sustainable energy solution, newer hopes are arising in looking towards alternative energy source. But for full implementation of that, many measures to be taken

Help from government

For a more wholesome sustainable energy solution program, help and assistance form government is also required. Government need to work on their policies and plan and create scope for the renewable energy industry to flourish in a proper environment. For this, smart actions and policies are required and opportunity for investment should be opened and make more liberal. Incentives and are also required in assisting this industry. The amount of subsidy that goes in thermal power industry is way larger than what is being offered to the renewable power energy. Steps should also be taken in relaxing the rates of taxes, so that more companies get interested in building power plants run by renewable source of energy.

Clean and safe environment

Most importantly sustainable energy solution talks of an environment which will be free from air pollution. People will breathe free in a clean and green environment, where there will be no hazards related to global warming. Dependence on sustainable energy solution will not only look after the growing electricity need, but will also create new jobs in the new industry. So there will be an overall improvement of the scenario.

Complete awareness required

Solar and wind installation are growing in numbers no doubt, but not all people are completely aware of this. People are not ready enough to let go off their old habit and shift their choice to the renewable ones. The implementation of the sustainable energy solution cannot be done completely without certain awareness of it. Steps should be taken to make people understand the hazards that are involved in continuing the utilization of the fixed resources. Both long and short term problems are involved in this. The fast depletion of the resources is the most significant issue. There are also other immediate issues too. For detailed information on this, you can visit Click Here!

Most of the people these days are searching for energy saving techniques.  A renewed awareness has been located among people all over the world regarding saving of the electrical energy. The electrical appliances these days come with energy saving measures. The more energy saving measure an appliance will have, the more demand this appliance will have in the market today. These appliances can aid you in lower down your electric bill.  However one should know properly how to lower electric bill, there are more than one ways to save your electricity bills from rising high..

Consume less, save energy

Lifestyle of people differs; keeping a check in your lifestyle you can actually decrease many of your expense. This is true of your energy consumption too. Instead of worrying about how to lower electric bill, try to find out in which ways, you can save better. The way you use your appliances, will determine a long way, the look of your electric bill. To lower down your electric bill, one needs to check the appliances at least anually, and try to update your appliances with the newer ones. Older appliances tend to consume more electric power than the newer ones. This way you can get your answer of how to lower electric bill .With careful vigilance you can cut down your consumption and also contribute in the greater cause of energy saving.

Use electrical appliances in the off peak hour

By changing the habit of your working, you will know how to lower electric bill. Try to use the electrical appliances in the off peak hours, when less rate will be charged. By doing this simple thing, you can actually save a huge amount in the month end. Generally it is the electric heater which consumed most electricity in your household. What you can do here, is you can set a timer on the heater, based on the time, when your off peak hour ends and the heater will automatically turn off on that time, and you will save energy in the process.

Bring fewer changes in your lifestyle

With certain few alterations you will know the solution to how to lower electric bill you can bring changes in your electric bill. For instance, when going for replacement of bulbs one can consider LED, they will consume significantly less energy. Try to switch off the computer when not in use, keeping it on standby will also not help. When you are not working it is better to absolutely shut down the computer. For more such information about this you can visit Click Here!

24th June 2015

Tesla Free Electricity

Nikola Tesla is considered as a legendary figure in the field of science. He is famously identified as one, who has brought 20th century with his own hand. The current form of electricity on which the whole world is standing was invented by him only. He introduced the alternative current to the world; Direct current which was introduced by Edision could not stand true to the ravages of time. Today the world runs on alternative current system only.  However, not all his dreams and vision regarding the mode and function of electricity came true. One among them is tesla free electricity.  He dreamt of generating wireless electricity and had started working on the tower, but unfortunately the tower never came in operation.

Renewed interest on tesla and his work

Recent years have seen a renewed attention on Tesla and his projects, tesla free electricity generator. In the past few decades people have realized well and have become aware about the hazards involved in the consumption of power generated from renewable resources. So most of them are in search of an alternative source of power which will not use fossil fuel and still meet the demand of the electricity of an average household and the importance of renewable energy need not be highlighted more. It is safe for environment and also secures the future generation.

Mysteries and controversies surrounding his life and work

There are many controversies surrounding Tesla life and his work. He is considered as the undisputed genius in the field of science. But there exist much controversy regarding tesla free electricity concept. There is much debate about what Tesla actually meant abut energy, and about free electricity. Researchers often conclude that tesla was not actually talking about the existence of free energy in the space, but what he actually meant was radical energy.  Can be a potent solution to the energy crisis

The must discussed Tesla tower have received attention in recent years again, thank to the crisis the world is facing today in power generation and consumption. The concept of tesla free electricity is been much discussed and debated these days. Scientists are working on the validity of it, and thinking of conducting small term experiments based on Tesla thoughts and ideas of generating free electricity. Many scientists are hope that the concept of tesla free electricity can be implemented in future, based on proper experiments. For detailed information on this, one can visit to Click Here!